Ahmed Ashraf Mohamed

this is ahmed ashraf photo he is web site owner

Freelance Web Developer From Egypt , Working from 7 years in this category
so power full in front-end & high level quality for responsive sites
so interesting for fix complex issues ....

The importance of your website

this photo for to explan how to importance of your website
Your website is your single most important communication tool. It is the place where you can tell a compelling story to each of your audiences. It is the first place a prospective client or employee will turn to learn more about your business. It is no exaggeration to say that a website and your online presence are the heart of any modern professional business.
Web design doesn’t have to be complicated, and we like to keep things simple. We design and develop user-friendly websites that reflect your brand and engage your visitors. Websites built beautiful inside and out, and that work on every device. So if you want a web design that will work on phones, tablets and computers, that will engage your visitors and keep them coming back for more, then you’ve come to the right place.



I develop websites: I write HTML, CSS and Javascript to make your website come alive. I also work with various CMS' to give you full control over your site. From individual business sites, to blogs or web apps, I'm happy to take on any project so just get in touch!,lets create your own website with me


From building your first website to maintaining your existing applications. I provide on-going support and maintenance services to ensure that your website always runs smoothly. I provide honest advice and the best possible support for you to reach your goals.


Is your website out of date or need some improvement? I can help you to update it into a modern, user-friendly and responsive website that will convert more visitors into customers and boost your conversion rate.


If you need an online shop, let me help you build a professional solution according to your requirements and getting your online business up and running. I’ve worked with Shopify, WooCommerce and various other e-Commerce systems.

Latest Blog Posts

MVC EntityFramework Attendance Application

sample demo web applicatio for Attendance i uses the Code First workflow to do it and make it so easy install .
It includes functionality such as Employee can signature when arrive and leave .
it is have 2 type of users :
1- Admin user  can see all Attendance from Attendance in main menu and can filter by user and date and can create Employees and admin users from main menu Employees
2- Employees  user: just can sign in the Attendance and see it Attendance from My Attendance in main menu

so easy setup and so easy use 
Please leave feedback on how you liked this

MVC5 API2 Without Entity Framework

insert, Update and Delete Records in ASP.NET MVC 5 without using heavy entity framework.
you will be able to write your own customize code in MVC 5.
If you are beginners or trying to learn MVC.
it will be so good start code for you.
I am going to create a simple student registration form in MVC5 using CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Operation.

javascript call stack

JULY 28, 2017

javascript photo

What is a hybrid application?

AUGUST 7, 2017

hybrid application

Adobe Phone Gap App Debugging 2017

JULY 18, 2017

hybrid application

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